a strange sickness

On Saturday I came down with some kind of allergy. It’s a bit like hay fever, in that I had a slightly sore throat, slight fever, a slightly runny nose, some sneezing, general dopiness and a propensity to sleep quite a lot. The best way to cope is to stay quietly inside at home, and not do much – just reading, watching films, and sleeping. No medication.  I almost never take medicine, anyway. Mrs Tropicalexpat had something similar and it took about week to clear up.

I don’t know if anyone else had this. But it is strange. I have had no hay fever since I’ve been in Penang, and I lived in three different areas, including four years in my present location. I haven’t changed my diet recently, gone anywhere unusual, got any mosquito bites, or anything I can think of. So, why now?

Anyway, as of Tuesday I am feeling much better. But it’s a mystery to me.



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