Tale of Two TimTams

You may notice in a Malaysian supermarket that there are TimTams, and then there are TimTams.

Tale of two TimTams

Tale of two TimTams

The higher shelf TimTams are made in Australia, weigh 200g and cost RM13.75.

RM3.29 ones

RM3.29 ones

On the lower shelf the TimTams are made in Indonesia, weigh 120g, cost RM3.29 – that’s RM10 less, or a quarter the price for just over half the weight – and feature the notice, “Not for sale in Australia or New Zealand.”  None of that nasty free trade for Arnotts, then.

RM3.29 ones

RM3.29 ones

Now, I don’t actually want to eat these, but I have in the past, and the expensive ones do taste better.


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