GST Day 2 and Day 3

I didn’t plan anything well. I should have done the shopping on Tuesday, pre-GST, but circumstances made it impossible.

So on day GST +2 I shopped in Tesco.

only in Bahasa

only in Bahasa and Chinese

I ended up paying GST on about 40% of my purchases.  I buy a lot of fruit and vegetables, which are exempt.

at Tesco

at Tesco

What I noticed was that prices have increased a lot – but not all to the same extent.  Soil was RM1.40 last year, until they raised the price to RM1.90. Now they have increased the price to RM2.00 – so slightly less than 6% – but that’s on top of last year’s huge rise.

I didn’t note the prices before, but sort of remember some of them.  Alcohol prices seemed to increase far more than 6%. Cheese went up a little over 6%.

Then I noticed with chocolate they were doing one of their tricks.  They call their regular price a special, and the new higher price as the regular price. Although in this case I think the regular price was around RM18 a couple of weeks ago.

soon much higher

soon much higher

My general impression was that they have taken the opportunity to increase prices by more than the GST, sometimes far more.

In the afternoon I bought a new consumer article – I had been waiting for it to go on sale in Malaysia. There had been no sales tax before, so it now cost 6% more. It wasn’t available before April 1st.

On GST + 3 I bought a cup of coffee in Starbucks. Ugh. GST again. So it cost more.

Almost every time I buy something I seem to be  slugged with the new tax.  Thus  I feel like a large increase in the cost of living has been imposed on me. I will try to find a way to spend less, particularly on anything that has GST on it.



  1. Same shit happens everywhere with tax increases and changes. When Finland went to Euro prices hiked overnight 2-6 times. Earlier they were rounded to the old currency that was 6 times less than the new currency. You are not planning to leave Malaysia? Many foreigners we know who living here are leaving. It appears that the GST rip off was the last straw that broke camel’s back for them.

  2. hi, interesting that this 6% rise can make the foreigners decide to uproot and go elsewhere. are foreigners living so precariously close to the edge of their income that a 6% rise (which to me is a small rise really) and it is in RM too, which when exchanged for the US$ or £ is 1/5 of it, affect them so much?

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