road marking improvement

One of the very few properly engineered and laid out roads in Penang, Green Lane, had one badly designed intersection, namely where the right lane in the northerly direction led to the flyover onto Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim.  Thus about 10% of Penang drivers, who presumably knew the road, would drive along the right lane, overtaking all who had in preparation moved over to the left hand lanes, and then at the last moment push in to the middle lane.

Green Lane

Green Lane

Well, I noticed today that this has been fixed, and the right lane continues on, while a feeder lane has been created on the right near the start of the flyover.  The pushinners will now just have to take their turn in the traffic like everyone else.

Now if only the same road layout engineers who work on Green Lane would train all the other road layout engineers, and this knowledge would be implemented elsewhere…


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