Tail of two doggies and other stories – 1

Once upon a time when we moved into our house, two dogs, Jupiter and Venus, lived a few doors down.  They were locked into the front yard, and looked through the wrought iron gate and barked loudly at passersby.  If I went and talked to them they still barked.  But when their owner took them out for walks on their leads they didn’t bark if I chatted to him.  The owner sold the house a year or two ago,  and the word was he was going to abandon the dogs. Very irresponsible and unkind, I thought.  But then he seemed to take them after all when he moved out.



About six months ago Jupiter showed up again for a few days.  Just by himself.  Then he went away for a few days. And then came back, and more or less lives in the street with the other dogs.  As for Venus, I have no idea.  But Jupiter seems to enjoy life much more now, and doesn’t bark at anyone. Someone took off his collar recently. He is free, and roams around with the other dogs happily.  He is fed, like other local dogs, by residents.

Dogs come and go in our street.  Almost none are actually strays.  They are owned by local people or businesses, and either fed by them or by others in the area. Some are kept in houses or yards, and others roam around the street. They are calm, non-threatening and seem to be pretty happy.

More dog stories in the future.


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