Starbucks WiFi saga

Hooray.  Starbucks have improved their WiFi system.


login page

Up until a few months ago one simply connected to Starbucks’ WiFi, opened a web page which went automatically to their site, clicked “I agree”, and then waited 20 seconds. Then one could use the Internet.

Next they implemented a system whereby one had also to put in the code on your receipt in order to connect – and it became very slow, and iPads won’t connect.

The latest is that when you open the web page you see a “Get WiFi” button, and when you click that you get the above page.  My photo missed it, but below the Facebook etc. buttons is another which says, “I’ll do it later”. Click that and you are in.  You don’t need to give them your private info. You don’t need to put in that pesky code on the receipt.



    1. Yes, they lost some of my business due to their changes. I have to see if the iPad works now, because it didn’t once they changed to the receipt number system. As for speed I don’t yet know, as I was only doing very bandwidth light activities.

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