It used to be I bought nuts at Cold Storage in containers, but then Tesco opened, and had more or less the same selection at a lower price.  Over the last year or so Tesco has phased these out. So I had taken to buying some in packets.  But in the past few months, ingredients other than just the nuts have started to appear.  Salt is not surprising, but yeast, sugar, vegetable oil, starch, flour, and permitted flavouring substances.  Yeast, starch and those flavouring substances can hide many nasty chemicals – you just don’t know.

Then Mrs Tropical Expat remembered the dry goods store, Cheow Guan, on Burma Road, on the left (Gurney Drive) side of Burma Road just before you reach Cantonment Road. I think you avoid some or all of the nasty chemicals.

shop for nuts

shop for nuts

So not only can you support a local business, and eat more healthily, the price is better, too.

cashews and almonds

cashews and almonds



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