A few miscellaneous matters in late August


Overall this year it’s been cooler than usual with many more rainy days.   Thus the haze has mostly not been in evidence. However, these last couple of days the haze has been terrible – and the plants are suffering too. It hasn’t rained now for a few days, and so nothing is clearing the air. Best to stay indoors as much as possible.


For the last couple of weeks I have noticed mosquitos have been bad, not only at home, but even where it is really built up, like at Gurney Plaza Al Fresco area, in Tesco, etc.


Today in Tesco we found a couple of new products – at least, new to us:

fermented durian paste

fermented durian paste

Fermented durian paste: To put into sambal, add into stews or other dishes.

rice cracker chocolate

rice cracker chocolate

Rice cracker chocolate – unfortunately not so fresh, although not past its expiry date, but still nice.


I found several varieties.  Must explore the difference sometime.

so many varieties

so many varieties


Many birds are visiting the mango trees and eating the mangos.

20150825 (6) (Copy)

20150825 (11) (Copy)

20150825 (26) (Copy)


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