Cut the phone line for non-payment of bill, then later send the bill!?

Two months ago I changed from Maxis, the mobile phone company I used, as despite many years with them they never offered any good deals.

Now, despite many phone calls they still have not returned my RM1,000 deposit for the two lines I had.

So now I use Celcom – for about the same price per month I get about 10 times the data allowance.

In the first month they don’t bill you. I went to their counter in Gurney and asked, and they told me this.  So I waited for the bill to come in the second month.  Instead, last night I noticed they’d cut the phone line when I tried to call.  So the billing cycle ends on the 13th of the month, and they send the bill on the 21st of the month.  But because I hadn’t paid for over four weeks – due to their own policy – they cut they line.  I will receive the bill next week.

The way you find out that it’s time to pay is they cut the phone line – and then you get the bill a week later?  I asked the guy at the counter today why they handle things so badly. It’s the Malaysian way, he tells me.


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