Signs of Sri Lanka 2/6 – assorted

20150726 (54) (Copy)

from the corner room you can see both sunrise and sunset

20150727 (39) (Copy)

I am assuming this guy is famous in Sri Lanka

20150727 (43) (Copy)

many signs are in three languages – luckily I understand one of them

20150727 (45) (Copy)

Sri Lankan flag on the fort

20150727 (131) (Copy)

on one of the buildings in Galle

20150728 (101) (Copy)

They put powerpoints in the most inconvenient of places. They, with all the adapters needed one must improvise.

20150729 (27) (Copy)

on a hill on the outskirts of Kandy

20150730 (64) (Copy)

I stay in only the best places

20150730 (88) (Copy)

not much left of these ruins. The sign was more interesting.

20150730 (141) (Copy)

fishing boats

20150731 (13) (Copy)

Most of Trincomalee was flat – but you had to climb a hill to the Hindu temple

20150731 (14) (Copy)

20150731 (27) (Copy)

20150731 (52) (Copy)

Where I stayed in Anuradhapura – the only place I would recommend.

20150731 (67) (Copy)

You sometimes found EU or UN vehicles around the place

20150731 (105) (Copy)

20150731 (137) (Copy)

20150801 (31) (Copy)

20150801 (36) (Copy)

Who’d have thought?

20150801 (114) (Copy)

fishing boats at Jaffna

20150801 (126) (Copy)

I read the local paper at the Jaffna Puclic Library – after which people thought the country was dangerous

20150801 (160) (Copy)

by the way, “hotel” can mean, “restaurant”. Still, nothing to do with Rolex watches.

20150802 (36) (Copy)

I never did get to see a school feeding

20150803 (28) (Copy)

I did my best on this

20150803 (57) (Copy)

I think Henry’s spelling is better than this.

20150803 (58) (Copy)

A typical fence using palmrya fronds

20150804 (8) (Copy)

20150805 (6) (Copy)

I enjoyed staying here, but had to watch out for the electricity police. As soon as I stepped out of the room the owner would leap to the outside electricity meter and turn the power to the air-con off. It took lots of messing around to try and get the hot water for the shower to work, and I couldn’t. He had that turned off too. So then I knew how to turn everything on.

IMG_1573 (Copy)

IMG_1574 (Copy)

Ah, election time

IMG_1575 (Copy)


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