Perhaps carrier pigeons are the way forward – Malaysian telecommunications firms

My life seems to be dedicated to trying to get telecommunication firms to do their job.

The other day I was complaining that Celcom, my current mobile provider, cut my phone before telling me that my bill was due. I paid the next morning, and the service was restored before I left the payment point.  Hopefully now all will go smoothly.

Then there is Maxis, my previous mobile provider.  When you set up an account they demand a deposit of RM500 per line.  I used Maxis for years and paid regularly on time.  But when they must return my deposit – they don’t.  I have talked to their storefront, visited their office, and phoned multiple times over the weeks and months.  They hang up on me – and I am not rude to them. They promise to call back – and they don’t. They all tell me a different story.  One theme I have heard is they send a cheque to my address after six weeks.  Six weeks after what?  The answer varies.  So much for being a reliable customer that causes them no problems.  My reward is I don’t get my deposit back anytime within a reasonable time frame – if at all.

And then there is Yes 4G.  I use them as a backup for when TM Internet is down.  They had a promotion so I bought some top-ups.  But they are not credited to my account, and so I can’t use them.  I emailed, and they at least replied within 24 hours. But they told me it was sorted – but it is not. My account is still showing zero, and when I try to use it a web page comes up saying to reload.  A lot of use the reload did me. I am awaiting a reply to my next email.

no, no, no - still no Yes credit

no, no, no – still no Yes credit

If you retire in Malaysia you don’t have to worry about having time on your hands – just trying to get proper service out of mbile companies will keep you busy.  My advice – spend enough time to find a good deal and then stick to it.  The more changes and the more companies you use the more grief.


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