Water cut again

As of about 2PM today, the water is cut again.  Without any notice.  I have no idea why.

Last week it was off for almost the entire day.  When we rang Indah Water that time they told us a contractor had accidentally hit a water main, and it was being repaired.

Nearby condos are being constructed, so water pressure often suffers. Drainage work is also done, so heavy rains cause less flooding now.

We filter the water for our house – once for the entire house and once more for kitchen water.  Then we set some of this aside for cooking, making coffee etc.  I also collect some rain water, so the plants can be watered.  A water cut, then, is an inconvenience.  I can’t shower, but can do most other things.

These simple habits make it easy when these cuts happen.  They are quite rare, and twice in a week is very unusual.


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