and the haze goes on…and other matters

this mornng - and it stayed like this all day

this morning – and it stayed like this all day – normally on the horizon you can see all the buildings around Straits Quays


HAZE:Towards the end of last week the haze had almost disappeared, and the future looked promising.  But it is back with a vengeance.  It is almost a surreal landscape.  On effect has been a significant reduction in mosquitoes.  Possibly because it is cooler – another effect.  My tan has now totally disappeared – normally I try to get some sun every day, but now I avoid being outside – and there is no sun, anyway.

QUEENSBAY MALL: I made one of my sporadic visits to Queensbay Mall recently.  I am there so rarely that it’s different each time.  I notice the third floor hawker centre is now open after its renovation – and it is bigger, brighter, cleaner and with a bigger variety of stalls than before.  I tried to look at all the stalls before deciding on what to eat, but gave in to temptation early at Karakudi, who have a restaurant in Little India, and used to have a branch at Hillside.  Thus I didn’t really see everything that was on offer.

OKTOBERFEST: The Malaysian German Society has the annual Oktoberfest this Friday and Saturday night from 7PM.  Other Oktoberfests usually appear at this time of year in Penang, but this year it’s been rather quiet in this respect.

CINEMA: It’s usually cold in the cinema, so I always take a sweater. But seeing “Everest” and “Bridge of Spies” – the latter set in snowy Berlin – without a sweater I would have frozen.  It used to be that the film started about 15 minutes after the start time, having many ads and movie shorts before.  Recently it has been 10 minutes. I usually try to time it to miss most of the ads, so this is important.



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