Here comes the sun

no haze

no haze

For about five days now we seem to be haze free in Penang.  On Tuesday the air pollution index was 57, from memory, when I checked, and currently (Saturday 31st) it is 43.  When it was bad it was above 170 here – and possibly a lot worse.

I can breathe outside without feeling funny, I can exercise again, and birds have returned to the garden. But perhaps the mosquitoes will also return.  I have found that ants usually avoid where I put rubber bands, but less so during the haze.  Perhaps, like the mosquitoes, the haze disrupted their sense of smell.

Now the daily pattern is to be a bit cloudy in the early morning, turning sunny during the day, with a late rain shower or thunderstorm.  But yesterday evening, and possibly this evening too, the storm and rain might pass us by.  I could hear thunder and see the dark skies and lightning, but now the sky is lighter.  A pity, as then I will have to water the garden tomorrow.

We all hope that the haze is over for the year, and measures will be taken so it doesn’t return next year or thereafter.




10 minutes later a huge electrical storm hit.  Heavy rain and a lightning strike nearby.  The Internet went off for a few minutes.  I shut down and disconnected a few electrical devices.



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