recovery from haze

It seems the haze has gone, and we’ve been having some beautiful sunny days – often with rain in the later afternoon.  This morning is glorious.

So now my body seems to have shifted into recovery phase.  While my symptoms during the hazy period were a certain vagueness, and sometimes worse, as previously noted, now it’s a bit different.  I have bouts of vagueness still, itchy eyes, runny nose and a headache.  And I never get headaches normally.  And an upset stomach. I had done some cupping on my back and neck, and this releases toxins, so the symptoms are more acute as my body is presumably detoxing faster.  Last week I suffered for three days, and then it was gone.  So far, this is my first day this week. Hopefully it will soon be all cleared out.

The other day in the supermarket I thought I’d lost it.  I parked my half-full trolley and returned after five minutes.  It wasn’t there, so I was confused as to where I’d put it.  This was worse than the usual haze vagueness symptom.  Having looked around unsuccessfully it occurred to me that maybe I wasn’t the problem. I spotted a trolley somewhat near where I thought I’d left mine, so considered the possibility that someone had taken mine by mistake.  And indeed someone had – I found a lady happily wheeling away my groceries, and pointed out to he where what was presumably her trolley was.   Phew.

I am pretty healthy, and live a health life, and nevertheless this is what happens to me from the haze.  The occurrence of this year after year is just not acceptable.



  1. oh, the trolley mix up is not your fault, it is the other person’s fault. so i dont think u should blame yourself for it. in fact, it shows how mentally alert u are to consider the possibility of someone else mistaking her trolley for yours. and finding the culprit so quickly. quick thinking i think. and it is not the fault of the haze either. the haze will happen every year, some years less than others. this year’s is particularly bad, but i think it might be a one off… i think people will have to learn to live with it.

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