And the work goes on

In my neighbourhood they are building two new condos.  So we get the dust, noise and occasional road blockage.

For the past few months they have been improving the drainage infrastructure.  This is a good thing, as we used to get flooding, but never so bad it came into the house. So we get the dust, noise and frequent long-term road blockages.

Most recently TNB was laying new electrical cables in the road. So we got the dust, noise and road blockages.

All the road blockages made it difficult to use the car and added 40% to driving time in rush hour.

Then sometimes without warning the water has been shut off for a few hours.  Usually in the afternoon.

And we’ve also had electrical blackouts – two this week – both unexpected.

Despite the fact I am not quite sure if the rainy season is over – it rains still every two days – for some reason mosquitos aren’t the problem they usually are. Perhaps the haze – now thankfully over – and the dust have been keeping them away.  So at least this is good.

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