Road safety enhancement and other mid December notes

Starbucks WiFi

Starbucks WiFi system has changed again. Before there was no need to register, as they had a register later link. Now they are determined to collect your data. Although I am tempted to object by inputting false data each time to discourage such practices, it’s all too much trouble and if I want an internet connection I use my phone, or use my phone as a hotspot. It’s much much faster and easier than using Starbucks WiFi.  Free WiFi increasingly means freely giving your private data to corporations, which use it and sell it.


Road Safety
Road safety has been enhanced on Jalan Edgecombe by the removal this week of the two speed bumps. I hope they do this elsewhere, too.

Rainy season?

One wonders if the rainy season continues or not. We might go a day, two or even three without rain. But then it rains again. Usually in the late afternoon or evening. The last two nights we’ve had two huge thunderstorms.


  1. Why buy your coffee at Starbucks. Support a local small business even without wIfI. I refuse to give my money to Starbucks as their presence in towns and cities often means the closure of a small coffee shop or restaurant. When they are all gone, we’re at the mercy of the big boys, and woe to us ll!

    1. I understand what you mean, and do try often to follow a similar policy to what you suggest. But I surveyed all establishments serving coffee in Gurney Plaza, and drank coffee in many of them, about two or three years ago. Starbucks is far far cheaper than many of them, has a better atmosphere, and their staff are generally well trained and bright.

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