Passion fruit pruning allergy

This is an experience possibly no one else has had a problem with, but I’ll write about it anyway.

Being the end of the passion fruit season I decided to prune the vines about a half – some parts were dying off anyway.  I had been pruning just enough so I could  dry the leaves from what I had pruned that day.  Taking it slowly for this reason. The dried leaves are crunchy and can be crushed and put on the garden, in pots or in compost.

For around the same period of time I had a cough, my nose was bothering me, my face and neck were a bit itchy and my eyes were becoming itchier by the day.

I didn’t connect the two until yesterday.  My eyes were particularly itchy yesterday, so I used colloidal silver and a little spray bottle to spray into my eyes.  I did that a few times over an hour, and the itchiness in my eyes cleared up.  This was no particular surprise.  But also my skin stopped being itchy, my nose cleared up and my cough stopped.  And all I needed was a small amount of my home-made colloidal silver.  So the dust and pollution, possibly animal fur and worse, insects etc. have collected on the leaves, some of which are already dry, and they make me allergic.

Thus I have decided to do all the pruning at once, today.  I will wear a cap, safety goggles, and shower straight after, washing my hair too.  And spray my eyes before and after.


drying leaves


today's pruning

today’s pruning

And now, three hours later I have finished.  My neck is a bit itchy, but I am otherwise OK.  No allergic reaction.



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