A few comments on Windows 10

A few months ago, a couple of months after the release of Windows 10, I installed it on my computer.  This was problematic, because I have a small SSD as my first drive (Drive O, used for Drive: C).  Drive 1 has plenty of space.  And so there was no space for the upgrade on C: drive.  By a combination of using D: and a USB drive for extra temporary space,  by deleting the hyberfil.sys and moving the page file to D: drive, by moving default storage of some programs from C: drive to D: drive, and  by uninstalling some programs I managed to get Windows 10 to install on C: drive.

When it was installed my C: drive was almost full, but the installation had saved the old Windows 8 installation files. On deleting them there were a few gigabytes of space on C.  Then I restored the page file to C: drive.

As you probably know, Windows 10’s default is to gather all the information it can from your computer and send it to Microsoft.  During the installation I had mistakenly chosen the default easy install, instead of setting the privacy settings at that time.   Thus I did this later.  There are plenty of articles on the web on how to do this.

I found Windows 10  quicker to start up, faster, and used less space than Windows 8.1. The interface is nicer. But the search function is no better than before.

Then last month along came the first major update.  Again I had space problems on Drive C:, and again I used similar tricks to temporarily free up space.  Once installed I had only 200MB left on C:, which with a little use became zero, as temporary files accumulated. But the old Windows 10 files were being kept in case of problems, and as it was working smoothly I used the Drive Cleaner (Advanced option) to delete them.  My C: had even more spare space than before – 6GB. I was pretty happy.

But then my Firefox did an update, after which it kept on crashing. A week or so later, Windows did another small update – which happen automatically unless it runs into a problem (and my problem was lack of space) – and Firefox works well again.

One program, Anki, that I use every day, ceased to work a few weeks after the initial install of Windows 10. I was hoping that the update would fix it, but sadly not.

Otherwise I am quite happy now with Windows 10.  Nowadays, though, much of what I do, I do on my tablet and /or phone, so the computer gets fairly light use.




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