Update – Dengue fever and a new vaccine

I recently wrote about the new dengue vaccine.

Yesterday the newspaper quoted the Malaysian Health Minister as saying that it gives only 47% or 48% protection for the serotype 2 virus and thus does not provide a high  protection percentage.  The ministry said it might be downright harmful to Children under nine.

This I read in the Sun


  1. could not find the link in the sun. though i found out from the sun that it is thaipusam on sunday 24th jan. its not well celebrated in uk, so it does not receive much notice here.
    47% for the dengue fever vaccine does not sound very good odds, i would not even bring it to market on such odds. can’t they find a vaccine with better than 50% effectiveness? i am surprised they recommend it to give it to children esp when it is downright dangerous to children under 9.

      1. i have a feeling that in malaysia the newspapers make sure the online free read is not as good as the actual newspaper , that would encourage people to buy the newspaper. in uk, i have never understood the logic of providing everything online, free. in fact, some put more news items online than in the paper. though i think they are realising their mistake and are now not putting everything online.

      2. I believe the reason for mainstream media publishing online was to stay relevant and read. Some intended to introduce a subscription model, and some actually did. But in many cases it hasn’t worked. I hear much of the media is losing money as people can access what they want free, and as a result also find out that the media has been lying and deceiving them for years. Thus meaning that they consume even less MSM. So the MSM advertising income plummets. I only recently heard about Operation Mockingbird (even to be found in Wikipedia) where the CIA has infiltrated and influenced the media, starting in the 1950’s. So the MSM is mainly to be read / watched to see what the powers that be want you to believe. I glance through the Sun two or three days a week, for a few minutes each time and sometimes find something interesting.

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