A trip to Tesco

A funny thing happened on the way to Tesco.

I was rather sorrowfully berated by a motorcycle rider for not turning right from the right lane while at a red traffic light – although if he bothered to look it was still a right turn lane I was waiting in. Having berated me he noticed the oncoming traffic had cleared, so he zoomed through the red traffic light. A real stickler for the road rules, then.

In Tesco they left the trolleys downstairs, so that you go upstairs to Tesco, find there are no trolleys, and then go back down to get one. They are too useless to inform you that now you have to take them up yourself.

Then I was bitten by a mosquito in the Tesco car park – and they never have mosquitoes there. It followed me in to the car and harassed me while driving.

Not the best of days, so I am glad to be home again.

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