12,000 papaya leaves, and dengue cures

Following on from my last post on dengue, there was another article in today’s free paper, the Sun, confirming that the Health Ministry is still conducting studies on the use of papaya leaf juice to cure dengue fever.

The article mentions that papaya leaves contain dangerous chemicals, but a 60 Kg person would need to eat 12,000 papaya leaves in one sitting to do any harm.

A friend of mine with dengue was cured using papaya leaf extract, so I think further study of this approach is very promising.  Certainly better than a probably expensive and rather ineffective vaccine, with who knows what other ingredients in it.

I ensure I have a few papaya trees growing nearby just in case I need the leaves.

And why do I go an about this subject?  Well, the possibility of catching dengue or malaria is one of my main concerns about living here / or anywhere in the tropics.  I know quite a few people who have caught dengue – exclusively locals.  Most locals are not concerned in the slightest with mosquitoes, whereas we border on paranoid in avoiding them and being bitten.

Listening to the January 27 podcast the other day by Dr. Daniels, she said that the Zirka virus, malaria and dengue are pretty much the same thing.  And to just go and buy a six-pack of tonic water (which, of course, has quinine in it).  She seemed to be serious about this.  Does this give a great reason for a gin and tonic every time one is bitten?



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