Thaipusam, Chinese New Year, Windows File Explorer alternative

The Thaipusam festival was held a couple of weeks ago, and I’d recommend taking part in it if you are in Penang /Malaysia when it takes place.  I am on the mailing list of the Penang Tourist Office, but their email confused me and I missed my favourite part of the festival (coconut smashing outside Gama), as I got the impression from their email that it was on the Sunday, whereas it was on the previous day.  Moral – I should double-check in future. But I did enjoy the next day’s activities at Waterfall. Anyway, it’s one of the easiest festivals to see and take part in here.

a devotee

a devotee

Chinese new Year is almost upon us.  It starts on the 8th this year, so the Chinese families have their reunion dinner on the evening of the 7th, I believe.  I really like to see the lion dances – they are held in the shopping malls (you can check when on their programmes), at condos (but unless you live there you won’t normally be allowed in) at some businesses etc.

lion dance

lion dance


dragon going home after work

dragon going home after work

Years ago Microsoft told us that filing into folders will no longer be necessary as the search function will be so fast and efficient.  But that we could save searches as virtual folders if we wanted.

Very well, I thought. Let’s try it.  I didn’t find saving searches all that easy or intuitive, but worse still, with every new version of Windows over the past few years, searching has become slower and slower, until with Windows 10’s File Explorer a search within a folder with just files takes much longer than just looking with your eyes.  A search through nested folders is so slow that I need to devote half an hour or more to it.  In addition, in previous Windows versions photo thumbnails refused to work – and I tried all the workarounds.  In Windows 10 it was initially OK, but now the same problem is occurring.  And I ended up with a file with a very long file name that I couldn’t delete, move or rename – even using the command prompt and other workarounds.

Enter XYplorer.  This is a free version, although there is a paid-for version that doesn’t really offer anything significantly more useful for me.  It solves all the above problems.  Searches are fast, deleted my file with the long name immediately, and I can view thumbnail photos.  I’ve only used it for a few weeks, but so far so good.


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