An evening stroll along Gurney Drive, Penang


The fence is just past Jalan Pemenang, near Mr Pot

So I decided to go for a stroll along Gurney Drive. I wanted to know how far the fence has got, seeing as they started four weeks ago now.  The fence is now up to Mr Pot – just past Jalan Pemenang.  Yesterday it was finished to just before the same street, so it didn’t proceed that far in a day.

There is a set of pedestrian traffic lights, and as the road was busy when I was there, I had to use the lights.  The first two or three cars went through the lights after it was well and truly red.   Then it seemed safe for me to cross, ever watching out for motorbikes which characteristically ignore red lights.  As soon as I was half way across, a couple of cars went through the red light again.  One really has to be careful. It may be safer to cross without using pedestrian lights as you then have no expectations.

A few minutes later I saw four local police riding past on tiny motorbikes. They all stop at 7-11 and go in. Well, it seemed funny to me.

Walking the other direction I see a couple of guys sitting on a bench in the dark smoking a full-sized shisha. They first time I’d seen that.

And later I saw a trishaw with tourists making its way along Gurney Drive – with no lights.  And it was going the wrong way on the one-way section.  I would have thought the tourists would have been smarter than to do that, even if the driver wasn’t.  Apparently not.

I went home making no further observations.

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