2016 Wesak Day

It’s been raining quite heavily on and off today.  But the rain ceased in time for the evening Wesak Day parade – celebrating Buddha’s birthday.  But, perhaps because of the rain, it was quite a quiet parade this year.  Here are some photos.

20160521-Wesak-Day-00 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-03 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-04 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-05 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-07 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-08 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-10 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-11 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-13 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-14 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-15 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-20 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-22 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-25 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-26 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-29 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-30 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-31 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-32 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-33 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-35 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-37 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-39 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-40 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-41 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-43 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-44 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-46 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-50 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-52 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-55 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-57 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-59 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-60 (Copy)

20160521-Wesak-Day-61 (Copy)



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