Gurney Wharf Project progress photos No. 5, 9th June, 2016

The Gurney Wharf project started at the end of February, 2016, which so far is manifested as putting a fence along Gurney Drive.  So I will photograph progress from the same standpoint – in front of Bali Hai, which is around the middle of Gurney Drive.

Not much seems to be happening.



some gravel






from the bottom of Gurney Drive



From the bottom of Gurney Drive
















  1. looks like that is the first sign of the barrier that marks the boundary of the new reclaimed land. once the whole of it is marked off and separated from the sea , then behind it can be land filled.

    1. You could be right. Now that the fence is finished I hope they speed things up. Their projected finish time was 18 months from memory. I’m looking forward to it.

      1. i think it will take a longer time to fill up all that land with earth and at a high enough level to keep the sea out. and that land need to settle too before they can grow any trees and grass on it. it has taken them 4 months just to start putting up that sea barrier and looks like that barrier is a long one. if it takes so long just to put up a fence… i dont have much hope of them putting up finishing the whole thing within 2yrs.

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