My Brexit experience


At 12.34PM in Malaysia

This was one of the very few times in my life when my vote actually was worthwhile.  I had already voted by post a couple of weeks before.

I guess at the moment there is a seven hour time difference between Malaysia and the UK.  I woke up around 5.30AM and immediately checked the news on the Internet.  It seems Nigel Farage had already conceded defeat although the counting had only just begun.  Te vote was looking like a win for Remain.

So I just got on with my morning thinking that was the end of it.  Around midday I thought I would just look at the news, and commiserate, and then I found that actually the tables had been turned, and Leave was winning! The BBC was predicting a win! I was at Starbucks with the Live BBC page on my phone, hoping the battery would last, and watching as the results came in.  The page was telling me that Leave would win with 1,500,000 more votes. And this number kept on decreasing as the votes were counted.  And then it was over, and Leave had won!

The UK is finally free from the dictatorship in Brussels. And the major political parties, the mass media, multi-national corporations, international banks, the 1%, globalists, Obama, etc. had lost, and the people had won.

It’s no surprise that the above-mentioned delivered what their fear campaign had promised – since they control the markets – and the markets and pound went down.  But we’ve started on the road to freedom – the first positive step in that direction for a while.   Now people in other EU countries are demanding referenda.  Britain may be helping to free Europe.


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