red dawn

This morning I was woken early by the red sky.


20160707-01 (Copy)

20160707-02 (Copy)

20160707-03 (Copy)

20160707-04 (Copy)

20160707-05 (Copy)

20160707-06 (Copy)

is that a pigeon? It's white!

Is that a pigeon? It’s white!

20160707-08 (Copy)

20160707-09 (Copy)

20160707-10 (Copy)

20160707-11 (Copy)

20160707-12 (Copy)

20160707-13 (Copy)

20160707-14 (Copy)

20160707-15 (Copy)

20160707-16 (Copy)

not much progress so far with the land reclamation

20160707-17 (Copy)

is that a pigeon? It's white!

is that a pigeon? It’s white!

20160707-23 (Copy)

20160707-24 (Copy)

they’ve locked the gate to the beach today!

It’s holidays in Penang, from Wednesday until Monday, inclusive.  Lots of people are out enjoying themselves.  But at dawn it was quiet, with a few walkers and joggers.



  1. Great pics. What are your thoughts on the new project. As you live near Gurney I assume it is going to have a significant impact. You see it as a positive? Or do you plan to get the hell out of there?

    1. Hi Peter.

      I think it’s great, and I am looking forward to it.

      The work is all supposed to be done from the sea side – or at least the land reclamation part, so for a while at least it shouldn’t be disruptive. Thereafter, I doubt it would be practible to do the rest from the sea, but by then we should be seeing so much progress that any disruptions will be forgiveable.

      But so far progress is very slow. Perhaps due to political problems.

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