Queensbay Mall

I’m just back from a rather unsatisfactory visit to Queensbay Mall.  My visits there become less and less frequent.

In some ways it’s improving.  They are updating the toilets, which is long overdue.  The updated ones are nice.  And now you can use your Touch and Go card to pay for parking, which is more convenient.

However, it seems you can buy very little there now that you can’t get in the Pulau Tikus / Tanjung Bungah area.

I thought Ace Hardware had the largest range of harddware, but of course, at a price.  Today I wanted a corded electric drill with keyless chuck.  Asked the manager, who mentioned mainly electric screwdrivers before scuttling off to hang around elsewhere.  Not convinced  I would get any service if I had any problems after buying, I just gave up.  Instead, a combination of local hardware stores and Mr. DIY now seem better.

Digital Match used to have the widest, if still very limited range of IT products.  This time they had fewer.  They don’t have Blu-ray writers anymore.  When I was interested in buying one I asked where the writeable Blu-ray disks were – they didn’t sell them, or even know where I could buy them.  No wonder they couldn’t sell the Blu-ray writers. So they don’t anymore.  Would you buy a car when there was no petrol for sale?  Thunder Match in Gurney  (or Komtar / First Avenue) is better now, I think, but still no Blu-ray writers there.  If you want advice on IT matters, then Swispak, in Komtar / First Avenue) is best.

I did find a robot shop, but unfortunately it was just robot model toys for children, not real robots.

My consolation prize was a peanut sesame bun that used to be sold near Tesco, but now I can only find on the 3rd floor at Queensbay.  And still, the 3rd floor hawker centre has a wide range of meal choices.

It used to be, and may still be, that a company would first open their shop in Queensbay, and if the concept worked, then perhaps open in Gurney Plaza or Gurney Paragon.

But I am afraid that nothing much attracted me today.  Back to online browsing.


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