Gurney Bay restaurant seems to have closed down

Walking past both the beach side and the Northam Road side, it seems Gurney Bay has closed down.  I asked a local who concurred, so I guess it has.  It didn’t last long.



the carpark blocked off

the car park blocked off

a development company?

a development company?


This shutter was always open in the morning

This shutter was always open in the morning



    1. This is not impossible, but there are a few properties between the tunnel entrance and Gurney Bay, so I doubt it.

      And the tunnel plan is not really decided – a bridge is also possible. This is sometime not in the near future. A bridge would be much cheaper, but needs to be approved by the federal government – which is a different political party to the state government of Penang. A tunnel doesn’t have to be approved by the federal government, so is politically easier to do. We shall see.

      1. can penang make a tunnel profitable? i doubt it. i dont see the need for another bridge let alone a tunnel. as it is every public holiday, the crowd coming from the mainland is allready making life on the island impossible. the transport system cannot cope with it.

      2. Actually the idea of the state government was to make it free to cross. The two current bridges cost around RM7 to cross to the island, and are free in the other direction. The second bridge is not much used. But a crossing in this area could be used a lot more. But I don;t know if it is necessary.

      3. this is even more surprising, penang allready have two bridges??? i thought it had only one. and the other bridge is not used much. they also have the ferry… so it makes a tunnel even more foolish. how can the tunnel be free to cross? it is privately funded, those companies are not charities, they want to see a return on their investment. and what is the projected cost? must be billions of ringgits which will double before it is done. i can understand the state govt wants more people to come holiday in penang, but relying on tourist trade is a dangerous ploy. penang is handicapped by the federal govt penalising it for electing the opposition parties. so it has not much choice but to rely on tourist trade. its in an impossible position i think.

      4. The state government funds infrastructure by reclaiming land and selling /leasing it.

        It is hard to find out much information about what is going on. The state government produces a newspaper sporadically and I get some information from that. I haven;t seen it for a while, so perhaps there will be another soon.

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