A stairway to Gurney Paragon

As I have mentioned before, no city planner seemed to give any thought to the really obvious movement of pedestrians between Gurney Plaza (mall) and Gurney Paragon (mall).  It’s about a five-minute walk in the sun or rain between them, with multiple obstacles, busy driveways to cross and the weather to tolerate.  One can walk between them either on the Kelawei Road side, or the Gurney Drive side, with both almost equally unpleasant to negotiate.

Four years on, nothing much has changed.  Except that a few weeks ago, the usual pedestrian route to enter or leave Gurney Paragon via the Gurney Paragon Condominium car park entrance next to Brussels Beer Cafe on Gurney Drive side was blocked, and they put up signs saying “Private Property”, and had security guards trying to enforce it.

These two photos below were taken two weeks ago, at least a week after they started this work.

the previous pedestrian route

the previous pedestrian route

Now, a little further on they are building stairs to provide a new entrance close to the front of Brussels Beer Cafe, having destroyed part of the garden there.


The stairs in the making

This seems to have turned into a multi-week job.  They’ve put up some temporary fencing now.



Hopefully this great engineering feat will be finished before Christmas, and preferably before the Christmas season.


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