In the bar going to Bar – Balkans trip anecdotes and photos

This blog mainly concentrates on providing information that will help in living or travelling in Malaysia. However, I do blog a little about trips abroad. On my recent trip to the Balkans I’ll do a series of short blogs providing one anecdote per country, and then a few assorted photos of the country unrelated to the anecdote.

Bar is a lovely town on the Montenegro coast.  I caught the train from Belgrade to Bar as this trip has a reputation as one of the most beautiful rail trips in the Balkans.  Thus I had booked a window seat so I could get the best view and take photos.  So the story goes like this.  After relaxing in the cafe before the train departed, I embarked about 15 minutes early, just to be sure I had the right train, could easily find the seat etc.  However, my seat was already taken.  In the Balkans people very often ignore seat assignments, but when I request my seat they will politely move elsewhere.  If the train is empty, then fine, but I could not find another window seat anywhere, and this man refused to move, backed up by his friend seated opposite at the other window seat in the compartment.  I could use the conductor perhaps, I thought, but then I discovered the bar.

And so I spent the entire 12 hour trip there.   This was in fact far better, so I am actually thankful to that rude guy.  At no time did the bar become crowded.  The windows opened on both sides so I could take photos – in the compartment the glass is dirty and the windows don’t open.   And I had a constant and quick supply of coffee, sandwiches and beer whenever I wanted.   My bar bill came close to the cost of the train ticket, but I really enjoyed the trip.

Novi Sad station early in the morning

Novi Sad station early in the morning


For the first time in a long time it was a nice new clean train

For the first time in a long time it was a nice new clean train


nice and new inside - with power points on the walls

nice and new inside – with power points on the walls


Belgrade Station

Belgrade Station


Cafe for breakfast

Cafe for breakfast


beer is much cheaper than coffee

Cafe for breakfast


Cafe for breakfast

Beer is cheaper than coffee


Friendly conductor

Friendly conductor with the train on the right


on the train

on the train


on the train

on the train


in the bar

in the bar with my coffee























and now we are approaching the Montenegro border.



  1. I say Mr TropicalExpat, the scenery looked clean, colourful and gorgeous ! The food seemed agreeable to your liking and what you were used to. The homes looked beautiful too and well looked after. There’s an air of elegance , civic mindedness and attention to quality. Am I seeing more than what can be seen from the few photos? No wonder you enjoyed the trip there; and this is the former Yugoslavia and surroundings.

    Might I ask if, after seeing all the sights and way of life there, you felt a bit down about coming back to Penang and the haphazard ways of Malaysia ?

    1. Actually, Edward, I was really happy to be back in the heat. Another thing in the Balkans is that communication is often hard, whereas here it’s easy. So, as you would expect, some things are better, and some things are not as good. Having been awwy for a while, Penang seemed fresh and new again for a short time.

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