Will manufacturers learn from exploding batteries?

I, like many consumers, like to be able to put an SD card in my phone.  But many phones ceased providing them.  I had to buy a phone without a slot, and soon, just as I had imagined, I was out of space – so I didn’t keep it long.  One requirement of the subsequent phones I have bought is an SD card slot.

I, like many consumers, like replaceable batteries.  When the phone’s battery no longer lasts long enough, a quick purchase on eBay and the phone is like new.  Had Samsung a replaceable battery in its Note 7, instead of the debacle of replacing and scrapping the phone, they could have had a simple solution – replace the battery.  Will manufacturers learn from this? Not only give the consumers what they want, but cover their bases?  After a year and a half my phone battery lasting power is lamentable.  I must carry a power bank, too. Like I see many others doing.

I, like many consumers, like to get the latest Android version not too long after it is released.  My(Asus)  phone came with Android 5 – Lollipop – and more than a year after Android 6 – Marshmallow – was released I have yet to get it.  In fact, Android N is out now, so I am two versions behind. Marshmallow was finally released in September for my phone, and I downloaded it, but the phone won’t install it, so I have to wait for the over the air (OTA) release.  My Huawei tablet is the same, and still on Lollipop.  The closer to stock Android the software is, the easier and sooner the update can be provided.  Thus it is unlikely I will buy from the same manufacturers given their track record on this, although otherwise I am very happy with my choices.

I, like many consumers, don’t  like bloatware.  This also means it takes longer for manufacturers to update to the latest version of Android.

One thing Apple does is update all previous models of phones and devices of recent years.  But otherwise it leads the way in denying what the consumers want.  Now they’ve eliminated headphone jacks – something I use for hours a day.

I tend unsurprisingly to buy products that have the specs I want.  Motorola, which I had in the past, but had to replace soon due to its lacking an SD card slot, now looks pretty attractive again.  The SD slots are back, and some models are modular and can have parts added.  They also have almost stock Android, with no bloatware and just a few useful apps.


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