parking your car in unfamiliar locations in Malaysia

It was a beautiful evening for a stroll along Gurney Drive.  But sadly I noticed a parking cop on a small motorcycle booking out-of-state cars, whose drivers no doubt didn’t understand the parking system.  The signs are few and very far apart.

parking cop on motorbike

parking cop on motorbike

parking ticket

parking ticket on out-of-state car

The same almost happened to me in Ipoh, but I luckily arrived back at my car just before the (very disappointed-looking) parking cop started writing a ticket.  Mine was the only car there, and parking spaces were nicely marked out, but I didn’t see any notice that one had to pay, and the car was not causing any inconvenience to anyone.

So it is a good idea to check on the parking system if you are going to park on the road somewhere unfamiliar.  Sometimes you are more likely to be booked if you park considerately in marked spaces (and don’t pay)  than if you park illegally somewhere which disrupts the traffic flow.  In fact, this is the way it was in Tokyo – but that’s another story.



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