door to door salesmen – “gas safety inspectors”

If you live in a condo I imagine the security will not let these guys in.  They walk along the street and ring the doorbell of each house. If someone answers they tell them there was a gas explosion in someone’s kitchen nearby and that they are checking all the gas canisters in the neighbourhood for safety. They try to give the impression that they are contractors working for the government. They wear a Petronas uniform – colours I am familiar with from the petrol stations, and they have photo ID’s with company address and phone number.  If you ring up the number the person who answers confirms they are who they say they are – which means nothing, as you don’t know anything about who you have telephoned.  The ID’s are easy to make and laminate anyway.

Their aim is to inspect your gas regulator, tell you it is unsafe – do a couple of tricks with lighting the gas where the regulator connects with the canister and making little flare-ups and explosions to demonstrate the danger.  And then to provide the solution – they just happen to have a safe, fancy-looking regulator with them they can sell you for RM300.

Conveniently they will take cash, or credit or debit cards.  But if you don’t want it they will go on and on about the danger you are in using your present regulator.  They will tell you the one you are using is for outdoor use – e.g. for hawker centres etc. It is not for indoor use.

An online forum noted it was RM280 when they were out doing this a couple of years ago. You can buy one online for a fraction of the cost if you want. They range from RM 30 to RM 80 if they come with gauges.  An ordinary Pensonic (a quality Penang brand) regulator is RM12.50 at my local hardware store.


Naturally I was appalled by the danger I had been in, and bought not one, but two – double the safety. Or maybe not.


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