Updating older blogs

I am gradually updating some of the more popular blogs, where circumstances have changed.  For example, the train service has been significantly improved, so the blog needed refreshing.

These blogs won’t show up as new blogs, but updating already existing ones that the web spiders already know about is more effective in sharing the information.  However, it does look like I am doing less.



  1. yes, your edits wont be flagged up to make us know which ones. it must be quite a bit of work , updating all the old info. and this wont be the end of it as they will constantly need updating as the info keeps changing. if u regularly go back and visit the places again, you could keep it up to date with a new post, not only with the travel timetables etc, but also how the places have changed too. it might be even a good reason not to update an old post too much, just to preserve a snapshot of what it was in a point in time. it can be quite nostalgic to keep a post about a place that u visited long ago , and not update it , just to keep the memory of what it was like when u were there that time.

    1. Actually, that’s a very good point. The old night trains have been discontinued, and I enjoyed them. They had their own showers, and these were not only nicer than the KL Sentral showers, but they saved time.

      Anyway, I shall have to think what to do. Perhaps write a new blog with the updated info, and put an obvious link to it in the old blog.

      1. link them both ways, so put links in the new post to the old one, and vice versa. also tag them. i wonder if a tag, named updates might put them all in one place for easy access

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