Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – what’s growing in March 2017

After Chinese New Year the weather remained hot and dry until about a week ago, when it has started again to rain most days.

With a lot of watering plants survived, but for one very sick plumbago. The first is a photo of it last month.


And a photo now. I have pruned it.  Let’s see how it goes.

very sick plumbago


otherwise doing well

And papaya are coming up. I planted them in four places.  Today I culled them down to three plants per spot. Later I will cull them down to one per spot.


eggplant plant has been attacked by mealy bugs

this lime tree has done really well with lots of limes now

we’ve cultivated these and have a lot now, all doing well

the grape vine

so many flowers on the mock oranges

duranta is happy

we’ve cultivated these, too, and all are well



we use rosemary a lot in cooking now

the passion fruit vines are still fruiting.  They should be out of season, but they were also growing this time last year.  I have pruned the vines back a bit and cut off the dead wood.

baby passion fruit

and this lime tree has a lot of full size limes, and many tiny ones growing

Canna Lily is a bit quiet at the moment

I’m growing this smaller papaya for decoration.  I just cleaned a lot of mealy bugs off it

In the last month all remaining pumpkin vines dided off, without producing anything.  They usually don’t at this time of year, anyway.



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