A note about parking

Just walking along Gurney Drive this morning I noticed a newish car jacked up with a missing wheel parked in a numbered parking space – with a parking ticket.  Even though he’s probably got a flat tyre or some other wheel problem that forced him to park there, and he’s not disturbing anyone, as there are plenty of other free spaces.

Last week I saw two parking enforcement guys on motorbikes giving out tickets to cars parked in designated spaces without displaying the required coupons.  And right nearby is a street where it’s illegal to park, but which is full of cars.  These guys weren’t responsible for that kind of parking, and these cars weren’t ticketed.

So it seems to me that parking illegally, even when causing great inconvenience for other road users and pedestrians, is much less likely to get you a parking ticket, as these violations are the responsibility of the police, who only check very rarely. If you park in a numbered spot without displaying the coupon you have a good chance of getting a ticket.  Even if broken down.

this is a numbered spot, but the paint is now very faded


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