Growing stuff on hot concrete – gardening in tropical Penang – what’s growing in April 2017

“It’s been very dry and hot recently – fairly normal for this time of year.” This is what I wrote last year.

This year it’s been very hot – but with rain sometimes.


little eggplant and flowers

kobu lime

grape vine

back garden doing well

papaya and citrus and basil and lemongrass

tomato is just surviving and has little toomatoes growing, but passion fruit seems fine

Bougainvillea as usual

Roselle grown from seed

Bougainvillea as usual



mock orange

limes picked

lime tree; mock orange have grown bigger – so most pots are just on the floor now

papaya growing

passion fruit vines resting on mock orange

passion fruit growing

and flowers, too


canna lily

pots left over now plants have grown

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