Huawei – what a disappointment – and take a book or a pillow if you go there

My Huawei tablet’s battery life had become poor after 16 months of use, so last week I went to their service centre on Burma Road, Pulau Tikus to ask about battery replacement and upgrading the tablet to Android 6, AKA Marshmallow.  The shop in Gurney Plaza promised me when I bought it an upgrade was coming – and that’s almost a year and a half ago.  In the interim I have asked a few times, and was told “soon”. The last time they said I should ask at the service centre.

After a half hour wait for two others to be served – I can’t tell why each customer takes half an hour to be served – they told me the price to replace the battery – RM157, and they told me that I couldn’t get an upgrade to Marshmallow myself but they could do it.  And they would do it for no extra charge when they replaced the battery.

They have signs everywhere saying to backup your data and that they’ll possibly use any data left on your device.  So I did a factory reset and scrubbed everything as I’d have to do a new setup for Marshmallow, anyway.

Mostly because a new battery and the almost two-year old Marshmallow would make my tablet sort of like a new device (for me), I took it along yesterday for the replacement and upgrade. Again I reminded them that they should be upgrading the operating system to Android 6, AKA Marshmallow. Of course, first was a 45 minute wait while they served two customers in front of me.

I returned to pick up the tablet at the promised time, and discovered that picking up has priority to dropping off, so I only had to wait until the customer being served was finished.

And on checking I discover my tablet is still Android 5.1.1,  dated Sunday Jan 17, 2016 CST (China Standard Time, I suppose).  Just the same as when I dropped it off. Now they tell me that is the latest version.  They insist it is. If you look on the web it is not, but perhaps for Malaysia it is.  So I have mentioned at every opportunity that I wanted Marshmallow, and they agreed each time.  And then I find out they have not done it.

I am disgusted. They know nothing. They don’t bother to find out anything. And they don’t care.  They certainly haven’t convinced me that it’s worth buying any more of their products.

So now I am stuck with setting the tablet up all over again just to get it back to how it was before – with no improvement.

I note you can install it yourself. Huawei has provided it Over The Air in some countries – since November 7th , 2016 in the US, for example – almost six months ago. You can download the file from the web.  I may well do that.  But for now I just have to get it set up all over again.

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