Rats’ revenge and large leaping lizards

I have been gardening a lot recently.

Rats have started to come into our driveway at night. Two or three of them.  If we leave the light on to discourage them, moths come instead.  So I put out a rat trap last night.  Then it rained, the rain soaked the bait – bread – and it fell to the bottom of the cage. Thus a rat could get the bread without getting caught. But it seemed to understand it was a trap, and wreaked revenge on our pot plants – digging up five or six small plants and leaving a mess.

Meanwhile, a neighbour created a garden at the back, and we have been planting various things in it.  In the afternoons two large (camera-shy) lizards appear.  They’re two or three feet long. They seem to have discovered the new garden, and they dig a little – somehow they seem to like digging up an onion we planted, but they don’t eat it. We replant it, and they dig it up again. But they are cute.


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