Thunderstorm and heavy rain – Telekom Malaysia Internet down at home

I have two backups for this situation, the easiest one is to broadcast my mobile internet as WiFi, and so that’s what I’m doing. Most months I don’t use my allocation anyway.

TM sometimes goes down after heavy rain. More often it just becomes even slower than usual. I pay for 8 Mbps, but sometimes get around 1  Mbps, and often even 35 Kbps.  In contrast, my mobile connection is 35Mbps consistently.  Makes me want to give up TM and pay for more mobile internet allocation.

Meanwhile I’ll restart my router sometimes and maybe TM will come back. 



  1. yesterday is mass observation day, when people submit essays of their day on 12 may to be archived. what has your day been like, if u were to make a diary of it? i was thinking mentioning the internet was down would be interesting as a ordinary occurrence that is seldom mentioned because it is so ordinary. most of us would be thinking the 21st century is one where everyone have access to mass communication and fast internet speeds, and in malaysia, we have been told of the information highway and would think everyone is well connected…but not so in real life. a storm can make that all revert back to the olden days, just like it was when we were kids. maybe it will even cause power cuts. does that happen anymore? or is that really an old thing and dont happen any more.

    1. Well, the TM connection to the Internet came back about 1745 Malaysian time. We tend to lose it about twice a year, almost always after heavy rain. I have two backups anyway, not that it is that important to be constantly connected, but just in case. Power outages are unusual, maybe once a year or every two years. But laptops and mobiles have batteries, so I still have the Internet. Tesla will be selling solar house tiles so that house owners will have their own individual electricity supply – from this year in the US, and next year internationally. Then we can escape from the grid and be independent.But nothing is EMP hardened. Either (hopefully not) a nuclear bomb, or a solar event can cause an EMP which would wipe out most electronics. EMP hardening should start to be built into everything, and then it wouldn’t cost much. And I could go on, but won’t…

      1. i have heard of those tesla roof tiles, but it wont last 25 yrs. to change the whole roof before that? or better to just buy solar panels and replace them with new ones when they lose it. with all that sunshine, by rights all new build in malaysia should have solar panels.

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