A note in the letterbox

When you get a note in the letterbox like this:

… it means the council is going to do some fogging – spraying to kill dengue mosquitoes – in your neighbourhood.



  1. did u understand all of it? my malay is so rusty, i dont. they have been doing this many years now, i wonder how effective it is as a control of mosquitos. and how poisonous it is to humans. hope that worker is properly protected. what exactly is that stuff in that smoke?

    1. Good questions. To which I don;t know the answers. I didn’t understand any of the note so I asked a neighbour what this was. I don’t know how effective it is, nor how poisonous it is to humans. The workers are protected with clothes and masks, but locals simply hang around and breath it. I hide inside and put cloth under the gaps in the doors.

    1. Two houses down someone caught dengue – they just kept windows and doors open all day and night. Now they no longer do this. This may be why they sprayed.

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