Month: January 2018

Gurney Wharf Project progress photos No. 19, 25th January, 2018

This project started in February 2016, and for a long time I have been trying to find out more information – no one I asked could tell me anything, or could tell me who to ask for further information.

E & O Visitor Centre, Straits Quays

A few days ago I was strolling around Straits Quays and came across the E & O Visitor Centre. Since I had heard or read years ago that E & O was the company doing the actual land reclamation, I went in and asked some of my usual questions.  Of course, no one knew anything, as usual.  However, I was given a web site – and this was major progress.  It answers many of my questions and gives much detail about the project.  Perhaps for the moment the most interesting is that the reclamation is due to be finished during the second half of this year.

While at Straits Quays I took some photos of the island they are creating offshore, with Gurney drive in the background of a few.

Meanwhile, back on Gurney Drive, the land is reclaimed up to opposite the Evergreen Hotel, now.

more or less reclaimed level with the Evergreen Hotel

taken from the middle of Gurney Drive, at Bali Hai restaurant – at low tide

And finally, a couple of postcards I scanned on an artist’s impression of a completed project:

The next morning – pumping in the sand / seawater mix – near Evergreen Hotel:

The tale of Greeney the grasshopper

Greeney the Grasshopper

Greeney the Grasshopper was with us for about two months.  She lived a quiet life in our garden, and being only one of her, didn’t eat too much and cause a problem for our plants.  When watering the plants, first I had to find her so that I didn’t drench her with water – or at least surprise her, as she was really quick – she leapt out of the way before the water reached her.  When it rained or stormed she moved under cover, nearby.   She lived in a radius of about six feet, and moved around onto different plants.

Then, three days ago, she disappeared.  Very sad. She was only fast when she had to hop – and I tried not to cause her problems.  She had generally moved very slowly – it looked like she was old.  Apparently their lifespan is about one year.

But then it turns out she was a mother! This morning we saw lots of little hoppers on one hibiscus plant that Greeney had spent a lot of time on. They are really cute.  However, if more than two or three grow up and stay it’ll be a problem for our plants, so we’ll see what happens.  At the moment there seem to be around 20 of them.

bird encounter

Monday to Saturday a solo bird comes for the first time around 8.30AM, and visits several times throughout the day to eat, the last being around 5PM.  If I am too late putting out the apple he cheeps when he arrives. He likes red apples best.  A bird couple come sometimes, but are very timid and with the slightest movement on my part fly away.  Sunday the solo bird comes late.

One day another bird came too – quite rare – I never see this type of bird.

Another taste test – kiwi or apple? Which is better? 


Sunday Zumba

From the end of Northam Road you could hear the music.  They were zumbaing.

1. early start

2. At the BSG building

3. pretty energetic

4. pretty energetic

5. pretty energetic

6. pretty energetic

7. Then a robot appears

8. the robot is mobbed

9. this girl seems to be the dance star

10. Dance star and robot