Sadly, no Yes

I have used Yes 4G for about nine years, but sadly, no more.

Mostly I used it as a backup, if our Internet went down. And also, for downloading sometimes, as it was much faster than Telekom Malaysia. But also when abroad.

  • When I first bought a pre-paid data volume nine years ago, it was a good deal.  It came with a phone.
  • And the data volume didn’t expire.  You only had to use a minimal amount every month to keep it valid.
  • Yes is 4G, which back then was faster than any other company’s connection.
  • They had a smart phone app, called Yes Life – and you could make phone calls over the Internet  – from your PC or tablet or smart phone – and if calling Malaysia it was a local call – great to use when abroad.  It also did texts. No SIM necessary.  It made any device with an Internet connection a phone too.
  • Calls using Yes abroad are a reasonable price

But now:

  • Yes Life is no more – you have to use a SIM – just like any other company. They killed the app. So may as well use Skype – free or Skype Out when calling a number.
  • All data volume you buy expires – in a week or a month.  Expensive when you use it only when a back up is necessary.
  • All companies are now 4G, so Yes has lost its speed advantage
  • The speed and data volume on my smart phone contract is enough as a backup and for downloads
  • TM is a bit better than before for general Internet browsing – it doesn’t go down so often and its a little faster.  Abysmal progress in nine years, but still.
  • When credit is low  (mine is RM40 now) Yes throttles your speed.

Anyone want to buy a cheap Huddle modem?



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