Gurney Euro Deli closed

One day Euro Deli was suddenly gone – all boarded up.

Euro Deli closed in December. I assumed it was the end of their contract, as they’d opened in December several years ago. Asking management at Gurney left me no more enlightened. They didn’t tell me what would be replacing Euro Deli. But yesterday I saw that it’s a sales office for condos.

Yesterday I saw them refitting the shop

the interior



  1. i was wondering what they sell, the euro deli, and googled them, and saw a branch in damansara, kl, with menu listed. they seem to be a restaurant that specialises in pork dishes, and swiss -german foods. is it so? if so, they must be one of the rare restaurants that are non halal. extraordinary when u consider they are trading in malaysia, a muslim country. in fact, even in london, i dont think there is any place that specialise in pork dishes. and london is very cosmopolitan and have all kinds of restaurants. but even here, they are mostly halal.

    1. My understanding is that Malaysia is a secular country with Islam as its state religion, as the UK is secular, with the Church of England as the state religion. It’s not hard to find hon-halal food here. Supermarkets have such sections,. And with a large percentage of the population Chinese, pork is not hard to get.

      Apart from eating bacon and ham, I suppose I didn’t eat much pork in London. But I didn’t really think about it.

      Euro Deli had some very nice pork dishes, so I will miss it.

      I first came here decades ago when I was a student. I was looking at my photos. No women wore hijabs then. So it has become more Islamic over the years.

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