The tale of Greeney the grasshopper

Greeney the Grasshopper

Greeney the Grasshopper was with us for about two months.  She lived a quiet life in our garden, and being only one of her, didn’t eat too much and cause a problem for our plants.  When watering the plants, first I had to find her so that I didn’t drench her with water – or at least surprise her, as she was really quick – she leapt out of the way before the water reached her.  When it rained or stormed she moved under cover, nearby.   She lived in a radius of about six feet, and moved around onto different plants.

Then, three days ago, she disappeared.  Very sad. She was only fast when she had to hop – and I tried not to cause her problems.  She had generally moved very slowly – it looked like she was old.  Apparently their lifespan is about one year.

But then it turns out she was a mother! This morning we saw lots of little hoppers on one hibiscus plant that Greeney had spent a lot of time on. They are really cute.  However, if more than two or three grow up and stay it’ll be a problem for our plants, so we’ll see what happens.  At the moment there seem to be around 20 of them.

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