Month: March 2018

Rainy days are here again, with passion fruit ripening

Actually, it’s more like rainy late afternoon or evenings, with long sunny periods until then.

Having said which a few hours ago, it rained this morning briefly, and it’s currently overcast. It feels like the season is changing.

After a short hot and dry period around Chinese New Year it has cooled down and got wetter.  Evenings are cooler than before.

And the passion fruit are finally ripening.  I had more than 60 passion fruit on the vines, and now they are finally ripening.  It used to be the season ended in about November, then the vines were quite dormant until February or March.  So I’d prune during that period.  I did some in February. But I have had to wait until now to finish pruning, once the passion fruit have been picked.

And already the young passion fruit plants have started growing, so it’s really late to prune.

Here are about two days pickings:

Once I have picked the passion fruit I can prune the part of the vines they were growing on.  And then dry the leaves in the sun, and the dried leaves and stems go onto the soil as mulch.

But the pruning is a bit of a race against time, as pumpkin vines are rapidly growing and spreading.  The theory is that the pumpkins will grow and then die off before the passion fruit flower and fruit later in the year.  Already the pumpkin vines have flowers on them.  But once the pumpkins vines spread over the passion fruit vines, it’s hard to prune the passion fruit.

pumpkin vines spreading fast

Jammy peanut butter

When you find a brand you like of something in Malaysia, due to poor supermarket stocking and purchasing, you may not find it next time, or ever again.  Thus there is a constant search for crisps, peanut butter etc., where I am always looking for replacements for the brands I like, but which I can no longer buy.

My requirements include glass packaging (as plastics may leak into the food), natural ingredients, and no nasty chemicals.

Now I have found a peanut butter that fulfills these, and is almost half the price of the previous brand that I can no longer purchase.

And it’s called “Jammy”.

Fluoride-free toothpaste easy to buy in Malaysia

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance, but the fluoride added to dental products is a waste product of industrial processes, and far from natural. Industry sells this waste to water companies, rather than having to pay to dispose of it. Many studies show this fluoride decreases IQ and causes or contributes to many other health problems.

Fortunately it is easy to buy fluoride-free toothpaste in Malaysia – possibly because it’s halal.  Fluoride-free dental floss, however, is more difficult to find.  Here is one brand of toothpaste that one can find in Tesco.


Gurney Wharf Project progress photos No. 21, 24th March, 2018

Great progress has been made, with the land being reclaimed as far as Pemenang Street – so about two-thirds of the way along Gurney Drive.  Here are some photos from different parts of Gurney Drive, taken over the past few days.

the last part to fill in

from the Tanjung Tokong end of Gurney Drive in the evening

soil to spread

demobilising and remobilising

My phone got stuck in the reboot sequence when I started it on Thursday morning – until the battery died. I was demobilised.  Normally I don’t turn the phone off, but for some reason I did the previous night. Perhaps a restart, which I do once a week or so, would have caused the same problem.

I phoned and then took the phone to the service centre, in Prangin Mall, and they told me it was an operating system software problem, so everything I had on the phone would be lost to fix the phone.  I left it for an hour, and then returned and it was ready.  Under warranty.

Once home I did the setup.  Now, Android is Google, of course.  When I tried to set it up my Google login repeatedly failed.  I knew I wasn’t getting the logon or password wrong, so I checked my email on my PC – and it turns out that Google was blocking it for “security” reasons.  Once I’d got over that, I could get it sorted.

So the point is:

Keep your receipt for the warranty

Have a backup of whatever is on your phone

Have another device that you can use to overcome security hurdles

After a factory reset:

  1. Log in to phone
  2. Check that it works
  3. Open Google Play and select to install from my library all the apps I want
  4. Put the phone near the WiFi to speed the downloads
  5. Open the folder layout screenshot I made and put on PC so I can easily replicate it
  6. When apps are downloaded make folders as in no. 5.
  7. Remove one icon from the bottom row – these show up on each screen, and in turn put one folder there, so can easily put icons into that folder.  Then replace with another folder to do the same.
  8. Gradually log in to apps as necessary