Malaysian fake news legislation – I’m confused – (Countdown: 8)

Just before the recent election, the Malaysian parliament quickly pushed through fake news legislation. I remember reading that it was used very soon to charge people, and that included someone who actually reported someone for fake news. Truth is not a defence, but rather a government office decided what is and what isn’t fake news.

I decided to discontinue my blog once I reached 1000 blog posts since I started, as the only safe course of action is writing nothing, only continuing if the legislation was repealed.

It appeared that the opposition would repeal it if they won government in the election.

Well, the opposition is now the government, and it appears they will not repeal it.

Thus, it’s likely I will stop blogging.

But then, this morning (Tuesday) I read in the Sun newspaper, and also here online, Lim Guan Eng saying this legislation would be abolished.

So, I am confused.






  1. It would probably takes a while for things to settle down. Need not too worry to continue keeping this blog alive, I believe 🙂

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