Month: September 2018

An easy walk on Perhentian Kecil, idyllic eastern Malaysia

the beach at the end of the walk

When we were last on the islands, earlier this year, we did a walk in an anti-clockwise direction from fisherman village on Perhentian Kecil – the small island. Here is another blog on the village from last year.

This time we did a walk clockwise from the fisherman village.

I took a small backpack with shoes;  camera, phone, money in  a waterproof bag and a small bottle of water.  And I wore a hat and flip-flops.

It was a RM5 ride each in a water taxi from Abduhls or Tuna Bay Resort to the village. We embarked on the beach, and disembarked on the beach. Thus shoes weren’t an option, and we wore flip-flops.  Curiously the return fare was RM6 each, and we embarked and disembarked from the jetties on either side.

In May the anti-clockwise walk path was is poor condition, so we decided this time just to do a short walk clockwise, and if it was also in poor condition, just turn around and abandon the walk.  However, the path was in good condition, and will probably be well maintained as it leads to Alunan resort, and it would be in their interests to keep the path maintained, I imagine.  It was only a 10 minute walk, it turned out.

When Unifi is not Unifi

Streamyx is Telekom Malaysia’s (TM) old ADSL Internet service

Unifi is Telekom Malaysia’s fibre Internet service

  1. I had been asking TM for years when I could get Unifi.  They install in condos, but not for houses all that much.  Then one day TM called me and asked if I wanted Unifi – for the same price as my Streamyx ADSL.  We agreed on an installation day.
  2. After not coming and having to reschedule two TM men came and did the installation of Unifi.
  3. I called TM later when I found I needed more configuration information for the Unifi.  They couldn’t answer and sent an engineer
  4. An engineer visited and told me what I needed for the Unifi modem
  5. I received the Unifi bill – it’s called Unifi Lite, and is 10mbps.
  6. I visited the TM office to query the bill and ask if I can upgrade to a faster speed – and they tell me it’s not Unifi.  It’s still ADSL. So I can’t upgrade the speed.

Tales of an e-commerce newbie – Tale 2

(The other day I started a new site – e-commerce: Tales of a newbie. This is my second blog on that site. About me stumbling around in cyberspace.)

So, I want to make some money online.  I have an Internet connection and a laptop. What could I do?

I was listening to a podcast by Tom Woods, who often covers interesting topics, and he was discussing affiliate marketing, which lead me to his website, and a daily email from him, which is also usually interesting, and not too long. of course, lots of people promote and sell online business ideas, so I bought one Tom recommended. It cost $7, and so it wasn’t a big risk.  It didn’t earn me a cent, but I got lots of links to lots of ideas and videos that kept me busy for weeks.

On the way I bought another product for making websites and selling them.  But I find I need much more knowledge about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or to hire someone to do the SEO for me, for this idea to work.

But by now I have acquired my own web hosting, so I move my blog to my own domain, and start to lean more about WordPress configuration.

Emails are flooding in trying to sell me new things every day – I look at them, but unsubscribe to most. Unsubscribing doesn’t always work, so the flood continues. There are some free email courses, and on one of them, Eric’s tips I find a list of some ways of earning an online income:


  • 1) Ebay
  • 2) Info products/Digital products
  • 3) Physical products
  • 4) Affiliate marketing
  • 5) Work from home job
  • 6) AdSense or other contextual ads (Ok here’s one affiliate link… If you really want to learn all about AdSense I do recommend my friend Joel who is the foremost expert: AdSense Secrets)
  • 7) MLM
  • 8] Coaching/consulting
  • 9) Service site
  • 10) Web hosting – Here’s a free 114 page ebook I wrote about how to be a web hosting reseller.
  • 11) Membership site
  • 12) Social network/web 2.0 site – maybe you will start the next facebook?
  • 13) Freelancer – My favorite freelancer site (where I hire the most people from) is vWorker (formerly known as RentACoder). Another good one is Odesk
  • 14) Paid Blogger – here are some blog posts listing a bunch of paid blogging sites: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (UPDATE: The link I mentioned in the video is no longer valid, but the links here should work)
  • 15) Domainer – my personal domain registration site is LifeDomains
  • 16) “GPT” sites
  • 17) Sports betting arbitrage
  • 18) Trading (Stocks, commodities, forex, etc)

Some online money-making systems people sell are $1,000 or $2,000, but having now bought a couple of cheap ones that didn’t do what I expected, I’m very dubious that spending 50 or100 times more will actually lead me to be less disappointed.

I listen to webinars that will no doubt try to sell me something, but I often learn useful things.  So on Tuesday night there is a webinar on ecommerce. Go here: Have look at it. It costs nothing to register. And if you do register and send me your logon name I will send you a link to the free teaching event.

And this is where I am so far. It takes some people years.  So, no hurry.

Starbucks coffee prices now, post SST

With the introduction of the 6% SST (tax) from September 1st, prices have risen again, almost to the same level as with the GST in the case of coffee and restaurants.

price list


These prices are before SST is added.  And, as I mentioned before, unlisted is the “tall” option, which, at least for Americano coffee, is RM1 less than indicated above. I suppose they have to have this option because some of the flasks they sell can contain only the Tall volume, the others taking the Grande volume.  Presenting a flask grants you a RM2 discount, so long term it pays for itself.  I tend to use the loyalty rewards I collect for times when it is inconvenient to carry the flask – and especially at the airport where prices are much higher than elsewhere.

Starbucks works out pretty economical compared with many coffee houses, and if you ask for less water is often pretty good.

This same blog appears on the site I’m currently setting up –